About David

Hi, I’m David, and I help startups get raw ideas into the market faster.

I love being around startup teams, seeing them turn ideas into reality.

So I have a business where I walk people through the steps of creating prototypes, aka “minimum viable products”, that they can use to test and refine their plans in front of potential users. And save themselves time and money and frustration.

I do this by coaching, researching, and teaching how to think about iterative prototyping – why it’s a smart thing to do, and how to get the most out of it.

I thrive in the Daunting Gap Between Concepts & Application.

I am an experienced and seasoned software developer and web architect, who likes to help businesses of any size take their projects from initial concept, site architecture, data modelling, business planning, through the complete development cycle to launch. Some projects last a few weeks, some for a year or more.

I work from my Sydney home office these days, but most of my projects actually still happen in the USA, where I lived for several years while helping FastCompany become a leading online presence.

I like to bring all my talents to a project (design, technical, and business experience), but I get the biggest buzz from creating software that enables people to do complex or difficult things easily.

I love startups. Making stuff happen. Impossible stuff on tight budgets. Enabling ideas through the application of both established and emergent technologies.



“I have worked with a lot of very smart people in my time in magazining, including the experience in starting Fast Company magazine. I would put David Searson at the top of the list. When it comes to understanding the potential that the web represents, appreciating the unwritten rules of the web and using them to your advantage, and designing and building a site that will really work for your business, David is a genuine genius. On top of that, unlike most geniuses, he’s easy to work with, fun, and incredibly hard working. If I wanted to figure out a way to use the web to grow my business, connect with my customers, or market my ideas, the person I’d go to for help is David Searson.”

Alan Webber. Founder, Fast Company magazine